Saturday, June 27, 2009


This week has been full of "You have to laugh or else you'll cry" moments. However, my disappointment has summoned a few silly tears. Tonight is the National Wildlife Federation's Great American Backyard Camp out. I've been looking forward to tonight for over a month now. I even registered our backyard online as an official campsite. It was to be Owen's first "camping" experience. To make it extra special we had planned to share this fun family night with our good friends The Viducichs'.

Aly and I have been talking on and off for weeks about what movie we were going to watch and what snacks we were going to serve. S'mores of course! My Mom even bought us a little fire pit.

Aaron, my brother, Michael, and I have spent most of the week working in our backyard to get it "campsite ready." Michael was supposed to travel to Monterey Bay this morning, instead he delayed his trip and surprised us. He knew we needed the extra help to get the backyard ready. Thank you so much Michael!

Aaron and Jake pitched our tents without complaint in the heat of the day today. Only to sit empty tonight in the backyard.

Despite all our best efforts it was not meant to be. Today has been deemed a poor air quality day with record high temperatures. It is supposed to stay in the 90's over night. Families are encouraged to stay indoors and to avoid using BBQ or other fire devices during daylight hours. It simply isn't healthy for any of us to be outdoors.

Oh well, another time. Sniff Sniff

Thursday, June 25, 2009

River Cats: Catch The Feeling

If the feeling is HOT and STICKY then we definitely caught it! A River Cats day game sounded like a great idea earlier this month when temperatures were in the 70s and winds were blowing a moderate breeze. This week however temps have soared and the winds have died down. Owen and I valiantly made it through nearly 5 innings, 2 hot dogs, and a snow cone before demanding to be taken home! Next year we'll be attending an evening game.

My little red faced boy. Owen's skin turns as red as a tomato when he gets too hot! It always freaks me out that he is sun burning despite the layer of sun block and wide brim hat he is wearing. Here in the car he is playing with Dad's visor while Mom watches his cheeks return to a normal color.

Happy Father's Day

Father's Day weekend was a bonafide feeding frenzy of all of Aaron's favorite foods! I've probably gained 10 pounds but it was so yummy!

We spent Father's Day morning in Old Sac. While we were there we rode the excursion train and had lunch out. Father's Day evening we had our usual Sunday Night Movie Night Picnic - such a fun day!

Owen loves trains and he LOVES his Daddy!!

Happy Father's Day Aaron

Friday, June 19, 2009

Taylor's Kindergarten Graduation

We had the pleasure of attending Taylor's Kindergarten Graduation this morning. Owen was fascinated by the whole thing. The students sang and signed several songs before receiving their "diplomas." It was so cute!!

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Umbrella Bug

My Mom picked up this adorable little umbrella for Owen today! In a rare moment, he went more than 5 seconds without his clothes on and even allowed me to take a few pictures of him. He has been wanting an umbrella for soooo long. It is perfect for him. An umbrella bug for my O-bug!

Monday, June 15, 2009

Kids Do StrollerFit

Today at StrollerFit the kiddos took a turn at doing the workout while their stuffed animals and dolls got to ride. It was so much fun!! I was really impressed by all the kiddos - how well they listened and followed directions and how well they exercised.

Good buddies, Lex, Owen, and James
getting ready to warm-up

Mommies, Amy & Melanie having fun too

Jumping Jacks

Working out with the Muscle Bar

Walking Lunges




A couple of deep breaths. Great class everybody!!

House Hunters II

We went and looked at two more houses this past weekend. Both had pools. Once again there was a standout house, almost even a "I love it!" moment, but I'm still not convinced. Only time will tell... In the mean time, I do like "looking" at houses ;-)

Friday, June 12, 2009

Lunch with Grandpa Tim

For a few months now my dad has been trying to get up to see us, once a month, and take us to lunch. We always have lots of fun and go to a different place! Owen generally loves eating at restaurants because it is not something we do very often. However, during this lunch, he was a bit antsy. I gave him a little measuring tape I keep in my hand bag and he was thrilled! He measured everything on the table and the car. He even measured my hair!

How long is Mama's hair?

Hula Hoopin' Troop

Today at StrollerFit Wendy busted out with some hula hoops during warm-up. It was quite a sight to see all us mommies trying to hula hoop.

There were two mommies that stood out from the crowd. The rest of us hulaed about as well as our kids!

As soon as we let the kiddos out of the strollers they went straight for the hoops. Owen, James, and Lex looked like a little hula hoopin' troop with their orange shirts!

If you want to see some great hula hoopin' check out Miss Taylor V. at Aly, Jake, Taylor -n- Hailey!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

House Hunters

Last night we went and looked at three houses that are for sale. Two of them had pools and the third a beautiful backyard (minus the screeching pet on the other side of the fence). The insides varied greatly on the total disaster to move-in ready spectrum. After we got home Aaron started building a case for his choice and I became nauseated and had to lie down. I think maybe I like the idea of looking at houses more than I like the idea of actually moving!
The kiddos like looking at houses too! Especially empty ones. Owen, Hailey, and Taylor ran through the houses like wild ponies. You'll see below I wanted to get a picture of the three of them sitting on the stairs. I realized very quickly that wasn't going to happen! :0) Instead I asked them to do some silly things and snapped away!

Stick your tongues out!

Put your fingers in your ears!

Pat your belly's!
(They kicked their legs instead :-))

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Claw Clip

I have this old bath robe that I wear sometimes in the mornings. When Owen was younger it would amuse him to steal the belt and play with it while I brushed my teeth etc. One day the belt ended up in the toilet bowl! Gross - I promptly threw the belt away. Since then I've used a hair clip to hold my robe closed. Well, kids notice everything we do and this morning Owen ran off and reappeared with one of my clips to secure his blanket around his shoulders! I thought it was so adorable I had to run and get my camera!

It's A Hard Knocks Life

My little boy is beat up! Owen has fallen down countless times in his 3 years but the last week and half has produced the most injuries. Aaron warns me that this is only the beginning. I feel so badly for O - he's such a sweetheart and he genuinely doesn't understand why I can't make it all better in an instant. I really wish I could!
Knees - this is the most recent.
This happened while we were out and about. Owen clearly expected Aly and I to do something about it. We both went scrambling through our hand bags in search of tissues and band aids. Owen had to settle for a baby wipe. Looks like there will be a travel size first aid kit in my future.

Ankle - the left ankle, Owen always clarifies.
He is also limping around, although it is just a bad scrape.