Saturday, June 27, 2009


This week has been full of "You have to laugh or else you'll cry" moments. However, my disappointment has summoned a few silly tears. Tonight is the National Wildlife Federation's Great American Backyard Camp out. I've been looking forward to tonight for over a month now. I even registered our backyard online as an official campsite. It was to be Owen's first "camping" experience. To make it extra special we had planned to share this fun family night with our good friends The Viducichs'.

Aly and I have been talking on and off for weeks about what movie we were going to watch and what snacks we were going to serve. S'mores of course! My Mom even bought us a little fire pit.

Aaron, my brother, Michael, and I have spent most of the week working in our backyard to get it "campsite ready." Michael was supposed to travel to Monterey Bay this morning, instead he delayed his trip and surprised us. He knew we needed the extra help to get the backyard ready. Thank you so much Michael!

Aaron and Jake pitched our tents without complaint in the heat of the day today. Only to sit empty tonight in the backyard.

Despite all our best efforts it was not meant to be. Today has been deemed a poor air quality day with record high temperatures. It is supposed to stay in the 90's over night. Families are encouraged to stay indoors and to avoid using BBQ or other fire devices during daylight hours. It simply isn't healthy for any of us to be outdoors.

Oh well, another time. Sniff Sniff

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