Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Like Father, Like Son

As much as we try to limit Owens' exposure to media, he's drawn to it like a moth to a flame! He just loves computers as much as his Daddy does. My two cutie IT Guys!

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Summer Swap

Owen and I are participating in a "Summer Swap" organized by our friend Tammy. The swap consist of six mommies, eight 2-3 year olds, and a few babies. We're holding the swap for 3 days, one week in July and another in August. The way it works is the mommies are paired up to host/help one of the three days and the other two days drops her kiddo(s) off for a couple of hours at another mommy's house. Today was my day to host and our friend Melanie stayed and helped. In August, Melanie will host on our day and I will stay and help.

Owen was super excited that some of his friends were coming over to our house to play. When he looked out into our backyard this morning he said, "It's beautiful Mommy, I love it!" Unfortunately most of his enthusiasm ended there. Owen found it a bit hard to share his things and his mommy with the other kids.

Melanie's son Lex spent the day with his grandparents and she still came to help! Thank goodness! I found it more challenging than expected to look after seven little ones. Overall, I think everyone had a good time. I enjoyed spending sometime with my friends children. Each one is so sweet and precious. We got really messy too which is always fun!

Owen outside before everyone arrived. He couldn't wait to play with the play dough!

Athena and Ava painting on the big canvas.
A big THANK YOU to my friend Aly who loaned me the stand, and picnic table, and baby gate, and... ;-)

Owen playing with squirt bottles and trays of shaving cream. We all had fun smashing our hands in it and swirling it all around. Squish!

Chloe painting a picture for her mommy and daddy. This cutie girl LOVES to paint! I think she would have been content to stand at this art easel the entire time!

Olivia, Landon, and Makenna playing in the yard.

Snack time! My zucchini muffins were a hit!

Melanie reading the kiddos some books in the shade.
Her sweet baby girl, Raina, is in her lap.

Athena, Owen, and Olivia playing "camping."

Monday, July 20, 2009

Hats Hats Hats

From the moment Owen was born we've been obsessed with keeping a hat on his head. Sun hats in the spring & summer and ski hats in the fall & winter. This summer however we had a hat crisis. All the toddler hats were too small and the big boy hats too hot and heavy.

A couple Saturdays ago we were at the beautiful Miss Skylar's birthday party and I fell in love with her hat! I went home that afternoon and ordered one for Owen. It is adjustable for little heads and made of this great light weight fabric with mesh sides for air flow.

Owen loves his new hat because the neck strap has a fastener on it similar to his bike helmet! He is also looking forward to spending more time outdoors now that his face, head, and neck are better protected.

If You Give A Toddler a Popsicle...

Expect to clean up a mess!

Owen and I had so much fun this weekend making and eating popsicles! We picked up these super cute Rocket Pop molds (BPA free, woo-hoo) and started planning our ingredients. We decided on a combination of berries & yogurt. I snuck in a little fresh spinach for good measure - you can't even taste it! The best part, the way Owen pronounces popsicle. It sounds something like "pasta bowl." LOL!

Sunday, July 19, 2009

God Gives Time Outs Too

Aaron was talking with Owen about Jonah and the big fish when Owen announced, "Jonah wasn't listening to God, so He gave him a time out."

Too funny! and Too true!

Play time with Grandpa Tim

My Dad and I both love to take pictures. Owen seems to have the shutterbug gene as well. During this visit my Dad brought his tripod with him. Owen was mesmerized! He loved spinning it around and adjusting the height he took pictures of all sorts of things in our house. Good pictures too! My favorites are the ones with people in them of course. As you look below, if Owen's not in the picture - he's taking it!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Swim Lessons

Owen is having a great time taking swim lessons at a nearby preschool and swim school. His best friend, Hailey, and StrollerFit buddy Dominic are in his class which makes it extra fun!
Owen waiting for his class to start

Owen playing motor boat with his teacher Miss Susan

Hailey, Miss Susan, Owen, and Dominic practicing kicking and making bubbles

Owen's favorite - the kick board

Owen underwater

Hailey underwater - she stays under for so long!

The kiddos getting ready to do "Humpty Dumpty" see video below

Owen and Hailey, the underwater swimming princess!

Hailey's big sister, Taylor, is in the class right after Owen and Hailey's. Taylor's swimming is amazing! She can hold her breath for so long and swim without Miss Susan holding her.

Taylor getting ready to do the kick board

Taylor swimming without Miss Susan holding her!

Swim Videos:

"Humpty Dumpty"

"Kick board"
p.s. - That's Dominic screaming in the background. He was having a bad day, poor guy. Most days Dominic loves the water and is a fantastic swimmer!

Let's Make An Offer

We came very close to making an offer on this house today. We liked the location, loved the house, and swimming pool! I did have some reservations about the next door neighbors though. We could see into their backyard from the upstairs windows and it looked like PARTY CENTRAL. A super fun backyard to visit but not live next to.

After only 3 days on the market this house has received soooo many offers that they are making their decision today! Aaron has been scrambling all morning to get our offer in. We've learned a valuable lesson from this experience - we need to have our offer ready to go next time we look at a house because it could be the ONE.

Fortunately, I'm not heartbroken over this turn of events. I'm really happy in our current home so there isn't this urgent need to move out. Also, I feel that when it's the right house for us everything will fall into place naturally. In the meantime - Happy Looking!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

You've Come Along Way Backyard

Summer 2004: Building the retaining wall

Spring 2005: Concrete work

Summer 2005: Patio & Swing

New Sod!

Summer 2008: Front edge of retaining wall

Summer 2009: Complete brick walkway

Remove 1,000 lbs of green waste

Buy a lot of bark

Awwwww Weed Free Bliss