Thursday, July 23, 2009

Summer Swap

Owen and I are participating in a "Summer Swap" organized by our friend Tammy. The swap consist of six mommies, eight 2-3 year olds, and a few babies. We're holding the swap for 3 days, one week in July and another in August. The way it works is the mommies are paired up to host/help one of the three days and the other two days drops her kiddo(s) off for a couple of hours at another mommy's house. Today was my day to host and our friend Melanie stayed and helped. In August, Melanie will host on our day and I will stay and help.

Owen was super excited that some of his friends were coming over to our house to play. When he looked out into our backyard this morning he said, "It's beautiful Mommy, I love it!" Unfortunately most of his enthusiasm ended there. Owen found it a bit hard to share his things and his mommy with the other kids.

Melanie's son Lex spent the day with his grandparents and she still came to help! Thank goodness! I found it more challenging than expected to look after seven little ones. Overall, I think everyone had a good time. I enjoyed spending sometime with my friends children. Each one is so sweet and precious. We got really messy too which is always fun!

Owen outside before everyone arrived. He couldn't wait to play with the play dough!

Athena and Ava painting on the big canvas.
A big THANK YOU to my friend Aly who loaned me the stand, and picnic table, and baby gate, and... ;-)

Owen playing with squirt bottles and trays of shaving cream. We all had fun smashing our hands in it and swirling it all around. Squish!

Chloe painting a picture for her mommy and daddy. This cutie girl LOVES to paint! I think she would have been content to stand at this art easel the entire time!

Olivia, Landon, and Makenna playing in the yard.

Snack time! My zucchini muffins were a hit!

Melanie reading the kiddos some books in the shade.
Her sweet baby girl, Raina, is in her lap.

Athena, Owen, and Olivia playing "camping."

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  1. What fun! Thanks for being a part of the swap :) It is good practice for the upcoming year... hehe!