Thursday, March 31, 2011


I don't have much new to blog...we're still making a come back from being sick. Also, the lens on our already barely hanging in there camera got partially decapitated...soooo...we haven't been taking too many pictures. Here are some pics from November and December 2010 and January 2011 didn't get posted on time! ;-D

Walt Disney World, November 2010

Owen and I accompanied Aaron on a business trip to Florida that just happened to be right next to Walt Disney World!! We were also blessed to have a friend offer us her time share at the Walt Disney World Boardwalk Villas. This trip was an adventure to say the least. It is a full day travel just to get there and Owen and I were not feeling well. Thing improved towards the second half of our week there and we had some good family fun! We visited Epcot briefly, Hollywood Studios, the Animal Kingdom, and the Magic Kingdom.

Owen loved riding in the little boats to get to and from our hotel to the different kingdoms in Walt Disney World.

The big Christmas Tree in front of Hollywood Studios!

Riding Dumbo in the Magic Kingdom. Not Owen's favorite ride though. His favorite ride is Big Thunder Mountain!!!

Meet and Greets in the Animal Kingdom

Lunch with Dad

Dinner on the Boardwalk at Cat Corra's Kouzzina Restaurant -- Delish!

I need one of these at home!

Cinderella's castle all lit up. It was breathtakingly beautiful.

At our Character Breakfast -- yum! All the food in WDW is outstanding

Waiting in line at the Toy Story ride in Hollywood studios

Owen going down the water slide at our hotel -- super fun!!

Our last night, we went to Downtown Disney and ate at the T-Rex Restaurant --ROAR!!

December Birthdays Pajama Breakfast, December 2010

Our friends, the Nichols family, hosted a Pajama breakfast to celebrate three December birthdays! Yummy!

the kiddos

the Mamas

The Boyz

Monterey, January 2011

We had the pleasure of spending a weekend in Monterey with some wonderful families. We rented a beautiful townhouse right on the beach, took the kiddos to the aquarium, and shared a lot of good food and good laughs!

playing on the beach

Owen making a sand angel

Aaron got a tick in his leg while playing disc golf...

Dinner at Phil's

the view from our room

the gang

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Night Fury...Everybody Down!

Aly made Owen this super cute Night Fury hat from the movie How to Train Your Dragon! Owen LOVES it! We all do! Thanks, Aly!

Over The Rainbow

I bought some outrageously expensive all natural food coloring at the Co -op over the Christmas holiday season. So I am always thinking of ways to use it. I got this idea for making rainbow cupcakes for St. Patrick's Day. I was a little worried that the colors of cake batter would bleed into each other but a friend of mine found a blog where a mom had done the same thing and it worked perfectly! Owen and I decided to give it a try. Our batter did end up bleeding and our cupcakes looked more tye died than layered but we had a super fun time making them and sharing them with our friends for St. Patrick's Day!

Owen mixing colors into the cake batter

Look at all those beautiful colors!

Owen filling the cupcake liners

Owen making some cute St. Patrick's Day toppers for our cupcakes

Mmmmmm, we frosted them with white clouds (agave cream cheese frosting!)

Now for a taste test...

Look Mom, it's a... er.... sorta... like a rainbow :-D

Happy St. Patrick's Day!