Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Taste It & Rate IT Cocktails

During our 4th annual MLKJ weekend trip to Monterey, I decided to host a Taste It & Rate It cocktail night!  Ahead of time I chose 3 recipes from the, it’s party time! recipe booklet provided by Raley’s in my try it kit.  I chose the Blended Cosmopolitan, Tart Tart, and Herb Infusiastic Martini because these three cocktails called for the ingredients we were asked to try, the Aya Vodka, Raley’s cranberry juice, and Full circle herbs.

In addition to trying the Raley’s products we decided to do a taste test challenge.  Each bartender made each cocktail with the Aya Vodka and another premium brand vodka.  Cocktails were served in purple and green cups and only the bartender knew which cup contained the cocktail made with Aya Vodka and which cup contained the cocktail made with the other premium brand vodka.

My husband and I printed out Rate It cards asking our friends to 1. Rate each cocktail on a scale of 1 to 5, 1 hating it and 5 loving it  2. If they had a preference over the cocktail served in the green cup, purple cup, or no preference  3.  Guess which cup the cocktail made with Aya vodka was in, green or purple.

The Results – A super fun time!  The Tart Tart was the crowd favorite with an average taste score of 3.  50% of participants (there were 8 of us), preferred the green cup while the other preferred the purple, and 50% guessed correctly that the Aya Vodka was in the green cup.

Next up, the Blended Cosmopolitan with an average taste score of 2.  Two people had no preference, 5 people preferred the purple cup and 1 person preferred the green cup.  100% guessed incorrectly that the Aya Vodka was in the green cup. It was in the purple cup.

Last, and most definitely least, the Herb Infusiastic Martini was a total bomb with an average taste score of 1.  Although, there was not a section for comments, one person wrote Herrible.  Lol! That is how they spelled it! This may have been due to my choice of herb – Thyme.  I was going for something savory since the Blended Cosmo was likely going to be sweet and the Tart Tart, well, tart.  Four people had no preference, two preferred the green cup and the other two preferred the purple cup. 66% guessed correctly that the Aya Vodka was in the green cup.

All in all I’d say that the recipes were not a huge hit but the Raley’s Aya Vodka held its own against the other premium brand vodka!  Thanks, Raley’s, for inspiring a super fun night!

Raley's Fine Products

Me, explaining what we're doing ;-)

The Guys tasting and rating!

The Rate It Card
The Girls Tasting and Rating ;-)