Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Christmas Lights

Last year we started an annual tradition of having dinner at Island Burger and then heading over to Rocklin to see the Christmas Lights.

This year we were joined by Owen's Grandpa Bruce and Grandma Lia. We all enjoyed walking through the neighborhood and viewing the amazing displays!

It sprinkled a little while we were there, but no worries, Owen had his umbrella!

The Polar Express 2009

A Magical Event!!

Being entertained by a juggling elf while waiting in line for our boarding passes.

Owen watching the train pull in!

Owen's got his ticket!

So HAPPY to be on The Polar Express!!!


My new favorite picture

Does anyone need refreshment?!? Tap dancing waitstaff!

We got it! Hot Chocolate!



Hot chocolate mustache & beard!



Head Chef

Big Hugs!

Kisses for Mommy!

We're almost to the North Pole

Owen's got the camera

Santa Claus

Owen getting his sleigh bell


Aaron's artsy photo

Owen's artsy photo

Kelly & Owen in front of the BIG Christmas Tree in Old Sac! Bye Bye Polar Express

Owen demonstrating how fast the train is going.....in the movie maybe! ;-D