Monday, March 30, 2009

Mini Muscle Mat

Today at StrollerFit, Wendy introduced Mini Muscle Mats. They look exactly like our Mommy Muscle Mats only they're kid size! I couldn't resist getting one for Owen. He LOVES it! Here are some pics and video footage of Owen doing StrollerFit.

Owen with his stroller I bought him last summer for
Kids Do StrollerFit!




Race Day was a bittersweet success.

We fulfilled our training goals, completed the Nutrition Fuels Fitness 5k run, and raised over $1,000 dollars for the Northern Area Dietetic Association!

At the same time we mourned the tragic loss of our team mate, Vanessa Pullens, and her family and friends who died in the Butte, Montana plane crash just one week earlier.

We decided as a team to honor Vanessa by wearing her name on our jerseys and by donating all funds raised in her name.

Local news reporter, Lori Wallace, came to interview some of our team members.

Uncle Michael ran with us today!
Here are the guys getting ready to go!

Taylor, Owen, and Hailey ran in the 5 yrs. and under race. All the kiddos received medals for participating.

Don't they just look adorable with their race numbers?!?

The Viducich 4!

Cool Guys!

Aly & Kelly after the race! Go Mommas!

It's time to celebrate!
Moms In Motion cheer!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Today was a Busy Day

I've gotten in the habit of saying, "Today was a busy day." when reviewing our day's activities with Owen. Now, of course, he says it too, all the time! Today was a busy day, or rather morning. It started bright and early with a traffic jam and ended with a yummy lunch out. Somewhere in between we went to the dentist, got Owen's hair cut, and had a fun visit with Grandpa Tim!

Owen in the dentist chair. By the time we left, he had 3 stickers, a balloon, and a certificate of membership to the No Cavity Club! Hooray!
Below some pics from our visit with Grandpa Tim. Owen loves cameras and so does Grandpa Tim. The two of them had a great time playing with Grandpa's camera. Afterward Grandpa Tim took us out for a yummy lunch!

Sunday, March 22, 2009

3rd Annual Gray Family Ikea Trip

For the third year in a row, Aaron, Owen, and I have met Grandpa Bruce and Grandma Lia at Ikea on a Saturday in the month of March. We always have a great time looking at all the things Ikea has to offer. We usually have a specific purchase in mind as well. This year Grandpa Bruce and Grandma Lia purchased Owen a new big boy bed! We're all very excited! The bed won't be put together right away and we need to purchase some other odds and ends to go with it, but some time in the coming months Owen will be making the switch....stay tuned!
Owen was loving the miniature versions of some of the different chairs at Ikea.
Just like his Daddy, Owen goes straight to the computers!

Owen expertly working the so called child lock!

Peek a Boo!

Owen with his new star light!


We've finished our training, we ran a full 3.1 miles, or a 5k, on Saturday morning.

I paced myself slow and steady for the first half, then picked up my pace for the second half, and sprinted at the end. I'm as ready as I'll ever be!


Thursday, March 19, 2009

Road Trip

We spent the morning with Aly and Hailey today. We decided we'd all ride together in Aly's van.

This was a new experience for Owen and I. We usually caravan because of car seat issues. Owen has only ever sat in his own car seat and both times he's been in a car other than ours he's been in his own car seat.

Luckily for us, Hailey has the same car seat as Owen does and is roughly the same size! Also, Taylor's car seat is very similar to both Hailey's and Owen's.

We decided to give it a try!

Hailey was not thrilled with the arrangement at first but soon the kiddos were having fun visiting, sharing snacks, and deciding who would sit where next!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

America's Next Top Models

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Shake Your Shamrocks

Happy St. Patrick's Day! We had a really fun day today. Our morning started out at a holiday themed StrollerFit class. It's Tammy Tuesday according to Owen, Tammy teaches on Tuesdays - she did an awesome job putting together a super fun, super cute and creative class!

Owen with his Pot O' Gold! Tammy made these little pots for all the kiddos. The mommies had to run and pick up "gold coins" and "shamrocks" and bring them back to the kiddos to put into their pots!
Owen with his Rainbow chain. Mommies had to run and grab strips of colored paper for making links for Rainbow chains!

All the kiddos in the center of the room coloring St. Patrick's Day coloring pages and collecting extra gold coins and shamrocks! We also took Leprechaun stickers to share with everyone.

For dinner we made a traditional corned beef, Irish Soda Bread, and potatoe mice! The mice turned out super cute and were soooo yummy! For dessert we had green milk shakes! We don't do food coloring at our house so we colored the shakes with spinach juice. I was a little worried about the taste but they were delicious!!

Monday, March 16, 2009

Batter Up: Balls & Bubbles

Owen LOVES to play outside!! We were hanging out in the front yard after Dr. Rick had gone, spinning around and blowing bubbles.

Owen brought out a bucket of balls and his bat. Aaron is such a good Daddy. I don't think I could hold a ball at arms length and let Owen take swings at it/me! I was nervous just watching them!!


I didn't make it to MIM on Saturday. Aaron had to go into work and ... I just wasn't able to get it together.

I'm told the team ran 3 miles! We only have one more team run left before race day.

Raffle tickets are now on sale! 1 for $1 or 12 for $10

Take a look at this list of Prizes - Wow!

Make all checks payable to NADA, Tax ID # 94-3143388

Stampin Up!
Gift Package

10 day class pass $150.00 value

Moms in Motion
Local team fee $60.00 value

(4) Blommers Chocolate & Gallo Wine
Wine and chocolate Gift Sets

Trader Joe’s
Gift bag value $25.00

Herbal Serenity
Beauticontrol Gift Basket

Baby’s Debut
$50.00 Gift Certificate

(3) Spaghetti Factory
Gift Certificate value $20.00 each

Color Me Mine
Gift Certificate $25.00

(2) Nugget
Gift Card $50.00 each

Cookie Lee Jewelry
Jewelry gift bag

Juice Plus
Childrens package

(2) BJ’s Restaurant
Gift Certificate $25.00 each

Cookie Jar
“Fresh Made Cookies”

$25.00 Gift Certificate

VIP Pass-10 visits $65.00 value

Entertaining at Home
Swirl Pitcher/Glasses/Sangria Mix $78.00 value

Round Table Pizza
$20.00 Gift Certificate

Pint Size Picasso

Owen drawing Trains and Train tracks. Two of his favorite things!

Owens' artwork has been referred to as "scribble scrabble" by some of his peers! However, he knows exactly what he is drawing. Below, he said to me, "Mama I making some hooks." They look like hooks to me!

It has been so beautiful outside lately, I picked up this art easel for the backyard patio. I like that it is plastic and when we're all done I can just hose it off.

Owen LOVES to paint! He got all these neat rollers and brushes for his birthday last year from Aunt Jaclyn. She also got him this cool art smock to keep his clothes neat and clean.

The weather has turned cold and rainy again so we brought the art easel into the kitchen today. Owen had a great time painting these water color pages. Also, see below, he discovered chalk.

We've played with chalk outside before, but this is Owens' first experience with a chalk board. Once I showed him the eraser, the chalkboard became more interesting then the painting! We took turns drawing on the chalkboard and letting each other erase it.

Sunday, March 8, 2009


Week 6 already, it is going by fast! We met at Elk Grove Regional Park bright and early. Last year our local park and rec put in a decomposed granite running trail that circles the whole the park. The trail has distance markers too. It is 1.44 miles long. We ran it twice for a distance of 2.88 miles. Afterward we did some core exercises - can't get enough planking!

Aly and I got an extra workout because we were pushing Taylor and Hailey in our strollers! Shhh, don't tell Owen I let someone else ride in his stroller! Pushing a stroller is hard work. It is great training for race day. The girls however did not seem that impressed with our speed! Still, it was a fun time and a beautiful weekend.