Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Today was a Busy Day

I've gotten in the habit of saying, "Today was a busy day." when reviewing our day's activities with Owen. Now, of course, he says it too, all the time! Today was a busy day, or rather morning. It started bright and early with a traffic jam and ended with a yummy lunch out. Somewhere in between we went to the dentist, got Owen's hair cut, and had a fun visit with Grandpa Tim!

Owen in the dentist chair. By the time we left, he had 3 stickers, a balloon, and a certificate of membership to the No Cavity Club! Hooray!
Below some pics from our visit with Grandpa Tim. Owen loves cameras and so does Grandpa Tim. The two of them had a great time playing with Grandpa's camera. Afterward Grandpa Tim took us out for a yummy lunch!

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  1. I get your busy day thing! In the mornings Ava and Chloe keep asking me... "Where we going today, mom?"