Monday, March 16, 2009

Pint Size Picasso

Owen drawing Trains and Train tracks. Two of his favorite things!

Owens' artwork has been referred to as "scribble scrabble" by some of his peers! However, he knows exactly what he is drawing. Below, he said to me, "Mama I making some hooks." They look like hooks to me!

It has been so beautiful outside lately, I picked up this art easel for the backyard patio. I like that it is plastic and when we're all done I can just hose it off.

Owen LOVES to paint! He got all these neat rollers and brushes for his birthday last year from Aunt Jaclyn. She also got him this cool art smock to keep his clothes neat and clean.

The weather has turned cold and rainy again so we brought the art easel into the kitchen today. Owen had a great time painting these water color pages. Also, see below, he discovered chalk.

We've played with chalk outside before, but this is Owens' first experience with a chalk board. Once I showed him the eraser, the chalkboard became more interesting then the painting! We took turns drawing on the chalkboard and letting each other erase it.

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