Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Shake Your Shamrocks

Happy St. Patrick's Day! We had a really fun day today. Our morning started out at a holiday themed StrollerFit class. It's Tammy Tuesday according to Owen, Tammy teaches on Tuesdays - she did an awesome job putting together a super fun, super cute and creative class!

Owen with his Pot O' Gold! Tammy made these little pots for all the kiddos. The mommies had to run and pick up "gold coins" and "shamrocks" and bring them back to the kiddos to put into their pots!
Owen with his Rainbow chain. Mommies had to run and grab strips of colored paper for making links for Rainbow chains!

All the kiddos in the center of the room coloring St. Patrick's Day coloring pages and collecting extra gold coins and shamrocks! We also took Leprechaun stickers to share with everyone.

For dinner we made a traditional corned beef, Irish Soda Bread, and potatoe mice! The mice turned out super cute and were soooo yummy! For dessert we had green milk shakes! We don't do food coloring at our house so we colored the shakes with spinach juice. I was a little worried about the taste but they were delicious!!


  1. The potato mice are so cute! I'm glad the spinach colored milkshakes turned out good, you are braver than I am. ;)

  2. Couldn't even remotely taste the spinach. I told Kelly she can make us that "health" shake anytime.


  3. I'm glad you had fun at SF! That is some fancy food, too!