Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Let's Make An Offer

We came very close to making an offer on this house today. We liked the location, loved the house, and swimming pool! I did have some reservations about the next door neighbors though. We could see into their backyard from the upstairs windows and it looked like PARTY CENTRAL. A super fun backyard to visit but not live next to.

After only 3 days on the market this house has received soooo many offers that they are making their decision today! Aaron has been scrambling all morning to get our offer in. We've learned a valuable lesson from this experience - we need to have our offer ready to go next time we look at a house because it could be the ONE.

Fortunately, I'm not heartbroken over this turn of events. I'm really happy in our current home so there isn't this urgent need to move out. Also, I feel that when it's the right house for us everything will fall into place naturally. In the meantime - Happy Looking!

1 comment:

  1. sniff sniff... bye house... we liked you, but you are not "the one". Maybe this house has a younger brother. ;)