Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Swim Lessons

Owen is having a great time taking swim lessons at a nearby preschool and swim school. His best friend, Hailey, and StrollerFit buddy Dominic are in his class which makes it extra fun!
Owen waiting for his class to start

Owen playing motor boat with his teacher Miss Susan

Hailey, Miss Susan, Owen, and Dominic practicing kicking and making bubbles

Owen's favorite - the kick board

Owen underwater

Hailey underwater - she stays under for so long!

The kiddos getting ready to do "Humpty Dumpty" see video below

Owen and Hailey, the underwater swimming princess!

Hailey's big sister, Taylor, is in the class right after Owen and Hailey's. Taylor's swimming is amazing! She can hold her breath for so long and swim without Miss Susan holding her.

Taylor getting ready to do the kick board

Taylor swimming without Miss Susan holding her!

Swim Videos:

"Humpty Dumpty"

"Kick board"
p.s. - That's Dominic screaming in the background. He was having a bad day, poor guy. Most days Dominic loves the water and is a fantastic swimmer!

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  1. Three cheers for swim!!! They are all doing so well! I'm really impressed by what all they have learned. Sad today is the last day. But not sad about having to sit out in the heat anymore.