Thursday, June 25, 2009

River Cats: Catch The Feeling

If the feeling is HOT and STICKY then we definitely caught it! A River Cats day game sounded like a great idea earlier this month when temperatures were in the 70s and winds were blowing a moderate breeze. This week however temps have soared and the winds have died down. Owen and I valiantly made it through nearly 5 innings, 2 hot dogs, and a snow cone before demanding to be taken home! Next year we'll be attending an evening game.

My little red faced boy. Owen's skin turns as red as a tomato when he gets too hot! It always freaks me out that he is sun burning despite the layer of sun block and wide brim hat he is wearing. Here in the car he is playing with Dad's visor while Mom watches his cheeks return to a normal color.

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  1. Wow! That does sound hot... Definately go for an evening game and on a Saturday...fireworks are a great end to the game!