Saturday, June 6, 2009

It's A Hard Knocks Life

My little boy is beat up! Owen has fallen down countless times in his 3 years but the last week and half has produced the most injuries. Aaron warns me that this is only the beginning. I feel so badly for O - he's such a sweetheart and he genuinely doesn't understand why I can't make it all better in an instant. I really wish I could!
Knees - this is the most recent.
This happened while we were out and about. Owen clearly expected Aly and I to do something about it. We both went scrambling through our hand bags in search of tissues and band aids. Owen had to settle for a baby wipe. Looks like there will be a travel size first aid kit in my future.

Ankle - the left ankle, Owen always clarifies.
He is also limping around, although it is just a bad scrape.



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  1. Poor baby! Carrying bandaids in your bag is a good idea! Even after I had employees at Nugget hunting down a band-aid for Chloe once, I still don't have any in my bag!