Saturday, October 31, 2009

Stick - Er- Treat

Happy Stollerween! This day at StrollerFit, Mommies and Kiddos wore their Halloween costumes and after class the kiddos went "Stick - er Treating."

Lex & Taylor

The Boyz!

Mommy Amy with her girls, Kailey and Aubrey

Kailey making her way across the grass - so cute!

Mommy Emily giving Olivia a sticker


Evan all dressed up as a spider

Mommy Melanie with pretty girl Raina

Me & Wendy, Wendy was an 80's Jazzercise Instructor. It was hilarious! Too bad you can't see the leg warmers in the picture. Eat your heart out Jane Fonda!

Our attempt at a group photo of the kids

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