Saturday, October 31, 2009

Pumpkin Carving

"I like this, this is fun." Owen LOVED pumpkin carving and so did we! Now I can't wait for it to get dark so we can see our front yard decorations all lit up!

Aaron asked Owen what shape he wanted for the eyes, nose, etc. and made dash marks. Then Owen connected the dash marks with his pen to create a design for Aaron to cut out. Once the knife was moved safely away from Owen, Aaron asked Owen to push the cut out pieces out of the pumpkin revealing the face!

Owen decided that the jack o'lantern would not be complete without ears.

All finished and put outside - hooray!

Mama carving out the word "Boo" on three pumpkins.

Ut-oh it broke! I guess it will have to be one great big circle!

Pumpkin Guts

Our Ghost Garden

The finished pumpkins

I wanted a picture of Owen with the decorations, but he wanted his picture taken with the timer box.


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