Saturday, October 31, 2009

Halloween Party

Owen's first Halloween Party was also our preschool party. We had a small group this day. Ava and Chloe were home sick all week and Giulia is on vacation with her family. The kiddos dressed up in their costumes - so cute! We played both inside and outside games, had a boolicious booffet lunch, danced, and in general had a spooktacular time!

Owen as a Jack O' Lantern

Taylor as a Leaf Pile

Hailey as a Fairy Princess

The kiddos went on a ghostie scavenger hunt and then "pinned" them on the spooky night poster.

Owen opening up his "Mr. Pumpkin Head"

Taylor's little brother, cutie boy Evan :-)

Lunch Time! We served ghost sandwiches and jack o'lantern fruit salad with orange mango pumpkin punch. Owen didn't think much of the punch but overall lunch was a hit!

Mr. Pumpkin Heads - our take home gift for the kiddos

Bootiful Ghost Cake - this cake is from my childhood. At the first Halloween Party I ever went to the mom made this cake. So of course I had to make it for O's party! Especially since he is obsessed with ghost. The eyes are supposed to light up but we couldn't get them lit. Three cheers for Aly for figuring it out! Since we are natural & organic food foodies around here our lemon extract is just that lemon extract. Non organic extracts contain alcohol which what causes the eyes to burn. We tried adding a little rubbing alcohol since no one was going to eat the eyes and that did the trick!

Video of Owen and Taylor doing pumpkin bag relays

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