Thursday, September 10, 2009

House Buyers

We went and looked at two houses last night. The houses were in walking distance of each other. There floor plans were identical and they both had swimming pools. One house had been completely re-done inside while the other had several started but unfinished projects. Guess which one were buying?

You probably guessed wrong! I think most of our friends and family would pick the finished one but no were buying the "fixer upper." The lot is significantly bigger and the swimming pool more beautiful.

I still can't believe we looked at a house last night and we're preparing our offer today! This is also really unlike us, but we've learned that in this market - you snooze, you loose!

I put together a side by side comparison of the two houses so you can see the differences and what the unfinished projects could look like. The house pics that we're making an offer on are on the left:

This is the downstairs bathroom of the house we're hoping to buy:

This is the laundry room leading out to the garage:

Back to the side by side comparisons, our house is on the left ;-)

This is some upstairs storage of the house we're hoping to buy, you can see that it is unfinished:

Back to the side by side comparisons, look left:

This is the Master Bedroom in the house we are hoping to buy:

Back to the side by side comparisons:

I should add that this house is priced way below our budget because of all the unfinished projects. In addition, we more than qualify for a program/loan that helps home buyers complete the work on these types of sales. Still, the construction process will likely be daunting.
This most certainly is another adventure in our lives!

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