Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Dating Myself

Did you know that Kiwi fruit grows on a vine? I didn't. But that's not really my point.

Today during lunch Owen and I were munching on some grapes and kiwi. He started asking me about the differences between them. When I got to grapes grow on a vine and kiwi grow on a... I didn't have an answer. So I said what my parents always said to my brothers and sister and I when we were kids, "Let's go look it up."

Now for the dating myself part, or rather my parents :-)

When we were kids, we had a huge bookshelf full of encyclopedias, a dictionary or two, and a thesaurus. When we went to go look something up we went to the bookshelf.

In our house today I have a vague idea of where a dictionary may be... When I said go look it up I meant online! And that's what Owen and I did!

Are encyclopedias still for sale?

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