Monday, December 21, 2009

Preschool Christmas Sing-a-long

The kiddos dressed in their holiday best and learned four Christmas carols to sing for us! We were told that during rehearsal all six of them stood perfectly still and belted out the carols. However, when performance time rolled around it turned into more of a dance party! The kiddos, minus Hailey who went and sat with her mom, danced to the music and chimed in now and then! It was soooo cute and Owen had so much fun! He was so excited to perform for us!

Of course you can't get the full effect with photos - we will try to post the video footage soon!

Miss Tammy bringing the kiddos in single file

Everyone standing nicely waiting to begin...

The music starts and...

Hailey runs to her mom, Taylor stands true throughout, and Owen, Giulia, Ava, and Chloe dance up a storm!!

They got back in line to sing Jingle Bells with their bells

Hooray for Preschool Christmas Cuteness!!!

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