Monday, December 21, 2009

All Family Christmas

Roughly the second Saturday of December we hold our annual family Christmas get-together. We invite all three sets of grandparents and our siblings. This year our get-together can be summed up in two words, "Drink Dispenser." Owen went nuts for the drink dispenser! He set up camp in front of it and made sure everyone's water glass remained filled the entire evening. Only on a couple occasions were we able to entice him away.... playing with Grandpa Tim's camera and playing Geo Tracks with Aunt Jaclyn were among them. Here are some pics from our evening:

Owen and the drink dispenser

Owen bringing a drink to Grandpa Russ

Owen taking a picture of Mommy with cookies in her mouth

Daddy grabs Owen for a quick hug and pic

The always popular self portrait! ;-D

Playing Geo Tracks with Aunt Jaclyn

Owen is also obsessed with Umbrella's. Here he is with Aunt Jaclyn's Kitty cat umbrella.

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