Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Air Show

We got a couple of free tickets to the air show this past weekend and decided to go check it out. Last time we went to the air show was in 2006 and Owen was in my tummy :-)

It was a bit windy so I gave Owen my sweatshirt jacket. He loved running around and checking out all the airplanes, helicopters, and other vehicles.

Above, me pregnant with Owen in 2006
Below, big boy Owen in my lap!

Playing with the seat belts, Owen's second favorite activity, he went from chair to chair checking out all the seat belts. His favorite activity, the bounce houses of course.

Below, Daddy & Owen watching this airplane get ready to take off. We all wore ear plugs to protect our ears. Some of the planes, especially the jets, were very loud.

A team of parachuters jumped out of a large plane and this plane drew circles for them to jump through. It was really neat. As the jumpers neared the ground it was announced that one of them was flying the American Flag. We all stood with our hands over our hearts while a 7 year old little girl sang the Star Spangled Banner and the parachuter came in for his landing.

Above, the mini UPS truck was so cute and fun to play in.
Below, this horse was super friendly. Owen was munching on some grapes and the horse kept nudging him with his nose as if to say, "Share your grapes please."

The bounce house play center was a big hit with all the kiddos!

A couple video clips:

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  1. Love the air show! It is really loud though. ♥ ♥ ♥ That's where I was born ♥ ♥ ♥ We'd have to stop & salute the flag everytime we went to the grocery store (the Bx)