Thursday, May 14, 2009

Wednesdays with Hailey

Wednesdays with Hailey started last fall during my first Moms In Motion team. Owen and I would meet Aly and Hailey at Taylor's school. Aly and I would push Hailey and Owen for about a 30-40 minute walk and then we would stop at a park so the kids could play. We all enjoyed each others company so much that when the weather turned cold and rainy we started taking turns getting together at each others houses for play dates!

Two arrival rituals have formed:

1. When Aly and Hailey arrive at our house, Hailey hides behind Aly and Aly pretends like Hailey didn't come. Then Hailey jumps out from behind Aly and Owen and I act shocked! Owen thinks this is hilarious!

2. When Owen and I arrive at their house, well let me back up a bit...

The Viducich family have a security door with a solid glass pane and they often leave their front door open when they're expecting visitors or want a little extra light or...

So like I was saying, when Owen and I arrive at their house, Owen jumps out of the car and goes running up to the security door. Without fail smacks right into it with a loud THUD announcing to everyone Owens here!!

1 comment:

  1. It cracks me up everytime! BAM! "woah....Hailey, Owen's here!"