Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Happy Cinco de Mayo

Today we attended a fun Cinco de Mayo themed StrollerFit class and StrollerFriends play date. Once again Tammy made the whole thing super special with her clever and crafty activities. Unfortunately I completely forgot I had my camera so I didn't get any pics! A little later, while playing at the park, fellow mom Erin put her two cuties in the toddler swing together and the image of my camera sitting in the pocket of the stroller flooded my brain! I couldn't pass up this photo op!
Cinco de Mayo is a memorable occasion at our house. It is the anniversary of the first time Aaron ever came over for dinner way back when. I had invited a few of my girlfriends over for dinner and he showed up as the guest of a mutual friend. I figured since he was the only guy there he was either really smart or had been dragged kicking and screaming! Turns out he was really smart - he claims that his plan was for my friends to see how cute and nice he was and maybe I would think so too! Well it worked! This is our 8th Cinco de Mayo together! Ole'

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