Tuesday, January 27, 2009

It's A Moms' Life

We recently had a play date with our girly-girl friends, Aly, Taylor, and Hailey, at the local Color Me Mine. Owen LOVES to paint. I didn't have anything in particular in mind so I asked him to choose what he would like to paint. He chose this little trinket box with hearts on top and said he wanted to paint it for me.

Someone get a mop 'cause I just melted into a puddle of mama goo.

Fast forward to painting at the table. I'm watching my adorable son haphazardly glop paint on this little box and I'm thinking to myself, "So this is it, the first of a lifetime of knick-knacks and other random gifts I'm going to have to find a place for."

Fast forward to pick-up day. We walk into Color Me Mine and there are three moms with small children painting and a late teen/early twenty something girl behind the counter. I hand the girl behind the counter my pick-up ticket. When she emerges from the back room with my little box I immediately tear up exclaiming, "It's so beautiful!"

Get the mop I've melted into mama goo again!

I go on to tell everyone in the store that my son picked out this box and painted it for me, sniff sniff. The moms in the room nod and smile knowingly while the young girl looks at me like I'm nuts!
What can I say - It's a moms' life!

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