Wednesday, November 3, 2010

October Highlights

Pumpkin Carving

Fright Night at the Gym

Stick -er- Treat

The strollerfriends mommies have been pitching in to keep our meet-ups going strong! Tasha hosted a sticker treat at her house this year. Owen was more interested in passing out stickers than collecting them, lol. Still, we had a fun time seeing everyone!

Owen passing out stickers!

Hmmmm, What should I give out next?

Some time to play :)

Baking smiley face Halloween cookies with Grandma Brenda

BOO Shakes!



  1. oooh what are the boo shakes made of? They look tasty!

  2. Melt some chocolate to paint the faces on the inside of the glass. Allow time to dry. Then it is just a vanilla ice cream shake with whipped cream on top. I whipped the cream pretty stiff and put some in a zip loc baggie to try and pipe a swirly top onto the shake. Serve with a "BOO!"