Friday, September 3, 2010

First Camping Trip

About mid July we took Owen on his first camping trip! We had a blast at Azalea Cove and had planned to return Labor day weekend. Unfortunately the move took too much out of us. We opted to stay home for some local fun instead!

It is a 1/2 mile hike into Azalea Cove campground and so worth it! Our campsites were right on the lake - beautiful! We spent two nights camping with our friends, the Henkel family and the Tsonas-Ekstrom family. We were also visited one afternoon by our friends, the Nichols family. Here are some pics of our adventures:

Sisters, Kailey and Aubrey

Aaron striking a pose after chopping some wood for our campfire

Owen showing Athena how to use his fishing pole

Daddy & Owen getting ready for a canoe ride

Everyone smile!

We found a little sandy area to pull over and play in

Owen is fishing for Mamas :)

Aaron and Jason are taking Owen and Lex for a ride in the canoe

Petra and her dog, Willow

All the kiddos piled in the wagon for a ride down to the "jumping rock"

Kelly Jumping....Wahooooo!

Aaron doing a flip!

Mike and Aaron doing jack knifes!

Aaron and Kelly getting ready to do a "Hi Owen!"

Melanie N., Amy, & Kelly jumping!

Pretty girl, Raina, gathering up pine cones

Aubrey catching some Zzzzzzzzs, so cute!

Owen, Kailey, Athena, & Aubrey

Mama & Owen playing on the rocks under the bridge by the water "trickle" :-D

Owen and Daddy borrowing Mike and Amy's fishing poles. They had so much fun fishing that they went out and bought fishing poles of there own after we got home!

Kailey and Aubrey getting ready for their canoe ride

The Henkel family out on the water

Owen LOVES roasting marshmallows just like his mommy!

Owen set the timer on our camera and ran over to get in the shot with his friends :) The adults were very impressed!


Feeding the geese their breakfast

Aubrey, Owen, and Kailey having fun and making faces at Amy :)

Group Photo

We are going home...

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