Thursday, July 15, 2010

Grown-ups Go To Colorado

We traveled to Denver to see friends & family, our first big trip without Owen. Owen did great at his sleepover at Grandpa Russ & Grandma Brenda's house. We did okay too. Everywhere we went we thought, Owen would love this! It was nice to be together and be with other grown-ups too!

We've arrived in Denver and we're exploring the city!

We've decided to tour the Downtown Aquarium

After a day of exploring we connect with our friends, Sonny & Heather, for a yummy dinner at an organic Thai food restaurant

Day 2, more exploring, today we're headed to the Denver Art Museum

Go Giants! We're going to Coors Field to see the Giants play the Rockies

Hello Blue Bear!
Day 3, checking out the Blue Bear at the convention center

Nacen, Aaron, and Sonny
Aaron's older brother, Nacen, joined us for another game at Coors Field! It was great to see him!

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