Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow

I got it into my head to cut all my hair off today and donate it to Locks of Love!

14 inches - bye bye
This is the third time I've cut a significant amount of my hair in one sitting. Every time it has been spur of the moment too! The first time was 12 inches in 1992, however, Locks of Love was not founded until 1997. So all my hair went in the trash. My Mom cried. The second time was 24 inches in 2003, which I donated to Locks of Love. I called my Mom before she saw me to give her some time to prepare herself. Today my Mom was with me, she took it it stride! ;-)

Phone camera pic:

I'm still getting used to it. It feels and looks really good and healthy!


  1. You look gorgeous, Kelly. What a great cause…good for you.