Sunday, May 9, 2010

Mother Goose Preschool

April: Cowboys, Dunes, & Deserts

Desert Night Life:
The kiddos worked together to make a campfire.

We pretended to warm our hands, roast hot dogs and marshmallows, then we sang some camp fire songs. Afterward we went on a flash light lit scavenger hunt for desert animals and plants.


Aaron reading to Owen and Hailey. Owen showing off his completed puzzle.

Giulia's beautiful cactus!

Kelly helping the kiddos with step one of our Cactus Art Project.

Owen's completed Cactus!

May: Food, Fitness, and Fun!
Our tour of the Sacramento Natural Foods Co-op:

The kiddos posing with new friends Adrianna & Julia!

Getting into mischief...... :)

Lots of colorful fruits and vegetables to smell and taste.

Julia offering Livia some sugar snap peas.

Checking out the fish counter.

Wow! Look at that HUGE fish!

Making peanut butter.

We were all cracking up.....Hailey had shoved a handful of sugar snap peas into her pockets and was nibbling on them throughout the tour!!

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  1. I love the pic with O downing the food while others are taking a picture. That's my boy!