Monday, April 5, 2010

March Madness

I'm playing catch up on my blogging, here are some highlights from March:
4th Annual Gray Family Ikea Trip:

School Taylor's Birthday Party:

Mother Goose Preschool:

Day 1 - Giraffes

going on Safari

Making a fort/hut

Day 2 - Jewelry

Unleash the Beast, Art Beast that is!
MGP Field Trip:

downstairs in the dramatic play area

middle floor, arts n crafts

upstairs in the dance studio

outside in the courtyard

After we left Art Beast we had lunch at the Sugar Plum Vegan Cafe

Wii Party at the V-4's:

The snacks were so yummy, Aaron couldn't even put his plate down to play!

Owen's 2nd T ball game:

Owen's room re-do:
Owen's been complaining about the noise outside keeping him awake. So we rearranged his room so his bed would not be against the outside wall & window.

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