Saturday, March 6, 2010

House Arrest

It has been a long stretch at the Gallagher-Gray house. Both Aaron and Owen came down with a nasty stomach flu - vomiting, diarrhea. Owen lost nearly 5 pounds in 5 days. The doc recommended we stay in for a full week after Owen was symptom free for 3 days to give his body time to recover. During this time, we were supposed to encourage "restful activities," well, it is very hard to get a little boy to be still once he starts feeling better! We did our best with novel toys, arts n crafts, and Thomas the Tank Engine.

Owen playing with magnets

He was calling his creations Christmas ornaments!

Arts N Crafts with Mommy's punches

Aaron got desperate and busted out the Lionel O scale Thomas the Tank Engine Train set. Owen hasn't stopped talking about it!

Check out, The Face of Thomas portrayed by Owen, on you tube!

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