Wednesday, February 17, 2010

MGP Valentine's Class

We had the pleasure of hosting preschool at our house last Thursday! It wasn't our week, but due to some extreme family illness over at the V-4's place, we offered to help out. This was a super fun day because it was all about Valentine's Day!

Making pink! Mix three parts white paint with 1 part red paint and you get pink!

Owen did an awesome job matching the animal cards with their written name!

Time for the Valentine's card exchange! Taylor is posing by her heart "mail box." The kiddos went around and deposited Valentine's in their friends heart.

Hunting for hearts in shaving cream! Squishy!

Time for snack!

Fishing for hearts! The hearts are marked with this months letters and numbers. The little fishermen took turns deciding what they should all fish for.

Playing with Mr. & Mrs. Potato heads. You can also see up on the counter our science project. We have flowers in red water and one in clear water and we're waiting to see what happens...

Find the hidden heart puzzle piece and then find where it goes on the board.

Silly sentences with conversation hearts!

Owen with his Valentine's!

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  1. :( I'm still sad I didn't get to do Valentine's with the kids. But at least there are no more signs of hives over here! whew! What a scary, crazy week I had.... never to be repeated!.. now that we know they are allergic to sulfa.