Friday, January 22, 2010


Aaron has been nearly blind for the last 17 years. He hates wearing contact lenses and glasses, both give him headaches, so he decided to have eye surgery. Eek! The procedure lasted about 10 minutes and now, miraculously, he can see!! Better than 20/20 even! It is truly amazing.

I spent the ten minutes on the other side of this window filming the surgery and trying not to pass out. Just thinking about it gives me the willies! We will be posting the video footage soon, soooooo you have something to look forward to.... ;-]

Here he is getting prepped:

After the surgery, Aaron asked for an In and Out Burger and a nap! Unfortunately, he did experience some pain throughout the day and into the evening, but he is doing a little better now. We are all in awe of his new eye sight! Such an exciting event!

Perks to near blindness:
1. The room is always dark so one can sleep really well
2. The room is always dark therefore appears cleaner than actually is
3. The wife is always fuzzy therefore thinner and more attractive

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