Thursday, December 3, 2009

Playing Catch Up

Oh and how could I forget our 10 days without a washing machine... A big thank you to Aly, her mom Belinda, Amy, Melanie, & Emily for offering up their washing machines. We did do laundry at both Belinda's and Melanie's but this night we went to a laundry matt - YUCK!

To a 3 year old however, everything is an adventure!

The last week or so of November was so full of fun activities I couldn't keep on top of all the pictures and the stories. So here is a brief summary... I use the word brief liberally since we all know editing down my picture choices is not one of my strengths! ;-D

Saturday Feast at Grandparents Vinyards

Meet new baby, Jessica Vinyard!
The day before we had a play date with some friends who also have a young baby girl. I think Owen must have been feeling a bit envious because he asked me to gobble him up so he could go back in my tummy and be a baby again.

Owen playing with Uncle Michael

Cousin Max, Jessica's proud big brother

The beautiful table

Me & the kiddos waiting impatiently for everyone to come and eat!!

Thanksgiving Day at Grandparents Gray

Owen about lost his mind he had so much fun this day. Trains on top of trains on top of dessert!

Owen & Grandpa Bruce checking out Grandpa Bruce's Trains

Owen & Uncle Treston

So we finally pulled Owen away from the train to go to the park:

More Trains!!!

Another beautiful table
My favorite Thanksgiving memory: going around the table and saying what we are thankful for - Owen not missing a beat and saying, "my Family." Mama melted...

Owen in charge of serving dessert!

Cutting down our Christmas Tree in the Rain

Our little tree hugger

Owen was killing us with cuteness the way he was laying all over Aaron while Aaron was cutting down our tree.

Gives you an idea of the weather...

Once it really started raining Owen and I high tailed it back to the truck to get warm while Aaron toughed it out in the rain getting the tree on the truck and secure. Thank you Hun!

Light Parade

We took a picnic dinner to eat on the street while waiting for the parade to start.

We also celebrated Grandma Cheryl's & my birthday! The wind was blowing so hard it was tough to keep the candles lit but we still had fun!

Grandpa Tim & Grandma Cheryl

Later we were joined by the Viducichs'. Taylor's Daisy Scout Troop was in the parade!

Owen and Hailey waiting for the parade to start

It's starting!!!

The kiddos love dancing to the music

There's Jake & Taylor!!

You're a mean one Mr. Grinch! This float was so cute! It was done by a girl scout troop and the girls dressed up as who's.

More dancing

Hey Rudolph!

This is the life...

Good Night!

Decorating the outside of our house

Owen and I went to JoAnn's and I let him pick out embellishments for our front door wreath. He was so cute and thoughtful about his choices. He picked out two birds, a red one and a blue one, and some glitter greenery. We had so much fun!

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