Friday, December 11, 2009

Fire Engines

Together with our "StrollerFriends" we went on a private tour of a local fire station. Only moments after we all arrived the firemen had to take the engine out on a call. With the hope that they would return we headed inside the living room/kitchen area to watch a kid friendly fire safety video. We also turned in our Toys for Tots donations. To our delight the fire engine returned and the kiddos got to check it out.

We learned that there is a difference between a fire truck and a fire engine. A fire truck is larger, has a ladder, and does not hold water. A fire engine is smaller, does not have a ladder, and holds on average 750 gallons of water. I mention this because one fireman in particular was somewhat touchy about the distinction. Everytime I called the fire engine a fire truck he corrected me, LOL.

Owen took this picture of his buddy Cameron

Extreme close up of self


Owen checking out the inside of the fire engine




These fire engines were full of compartments containing all kinds of equipment

Captain Mark was awesome! He took the boys all around the fire engine opening compartments and showing them tools.

Captain Mark let a little water come out for the kiddos to see

Owen is mesmerized by the fire engine

Owen has the camera again...

Mama Amy with baby girl Kailey

dark blurry group shot... bummer

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