Sunday, November 1, 2009

Trick or Treat

Owen went trick or treating for the first time this year! He LOVED it! It was extra fun because he got to go with his two best girls, Hailey and Taylor. :-)

Owen really got that it was Halloween this year. We decorated inside and out, participated in lots of fun Halloween related activities, and we all dressed up. After the whole Handy Manny debacle, Owen chose a pumpkin for himself, a lady bug for me, and a spider web for Aaron. To our amazement he stuck with these choices!

Our Ghost Garden - all lit up! It looked sooo cute, we got lots of compliments on it and it didn't cost a thing to make!

Taylor & Owen posing for a quick pic. We could hardly keep the kiddos at bay until it got dark.

Our Pumpkin Creations

Jake & Aaron
Jake's costume was complete with a work truck and everything! ;-)

First stop, Miss Gayle's

Hailey checking out her candy haul!

Frankenstein's House - our neighbors went all out with music and a fog machine. The kiddos were a little leery at first, but Owen is so curious about this Frankenstein that in the end he couldn't resist.

The morning after:
Owen left his Trick or Treating Pumpkin outside his bedroom door with hopes of a visit from the "The Great Pumpkin." When Owen woke up the next morning, The Great Pumpkin had exchanged his Halloween candy for some cool toys and a new movie!

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