Thursday, November 19, 2009

Safetyville USA

We went on a Mother Goose Preschool class trip to Safetyville this week. Safetyville is a miniature town with store fronts, dumpster, traffic signs, buildings and more that are all child size! We all had a great time walking around the town and learning different safety messages.

Aly setting up the fire safety video at the miniature fire station.

In the event of a fire, don't hide - go outside!

Hands down, Owen's favorite part of the trip was the working crossing guard at the miniature railroad station.

Check out the mini dumpster - so funny!

The kiddos learning to dial 911

As we were approaching the hospital we were explaining to the kids about how people go to the hospital if they are sick or injured. Ava and Chloe promptly turned around saying, "I'm not sick!"

We tried to get a picture of all the kids in front of the school house but cooperation levels were low. Too many fun things to do and see, no time to stand still for a picture!

Anyone need any cash?

Inside the Capital building we watched a video on Bike and Helmet safety.

Aly talking to the kiddos about what bike helmets are made of and our they protect our heads.

Aly and Tammy helping the kids with their safety shirt quizzes.

Time to ride! Owen is checking his bike out just like he learned in the video.

Hailey and Owen waving hello to Jake while Aly takes a picture with her phone.

We were able to get Owen to ride around for a little while but he mostly wanted to play at the train tracks! We spent the remainder of our time at Safetyville right here.

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