Monday, August 10, 2009

Mother Goose Preschool

Summer has flown by and the first day of preschool (for both Owen and I) is about a week away! Owen is so excited to start school, " just like the big kids," he sees when we are out and about.

We're participating in a home school co-operative preschool with four of our mommy friends and their five little girls. Yes, Owen will be the only boy in our preschool.

We are using Mother Goose Time curriculum we purchased online. Each mommy will take a turn hosting preschool in her home and being the teacher for two days for one week every four weeks.

Below, is our Traveling Bulletin board that the mommies made together. As you can see it holds the letters, numbers, shapes, and colors we will be focusing on each month. Also, the weather puppet and monthly calendar. It turned out so cute!

The first week of school is at our house! Wish us luck!


  1. Good luck!
    Taylor said she wants to be your helper. :)
    So don't plan an activity for her, or else I think she'll come to expect it.

  2. Wow! These kids sure are lucky! :)