Tuesday, July 14, 2009

So Behind On Blogging...

So far this month has been chalk full of fun activities! We've been so busy I've barely had time to blog! Here are few of the fun things we've been doing this summer:

Wild Wackford Water Play

We are so lucky to have such a cool aquatic center. Owen loves playing in all the different pools. Pictured here is the 5 and under spray ground. It has lots of levers, wheels, and pull strings to play with. All of which spray water of course!

World of Wonders Museum
This new kids museum in Lodi is pretty fun. We went with our friends Aly, Taylor, and Hailey. It is full of "how things work" type experiments for the kids to try. I think we all agreed it was more for the 6 and older crowd but Hailey and Owen still had fun!

Okay, so I'm the only one who thinks it's really special when we all ride in the same car together! I could barely get the kiddos to look up when snapping this picture.

We all took turns peddling the motor to make a street light turn on.

Owen in a telephone booth (where is his super hero cape when we need it?!?)

Aly and I weren't too sure about this rocket ship with a flight game. The kids looked a little nervous when the shuttle door closed and they were inside and we were outside. We both asked nervously if we would be able to hear them if they were freaking out and the attendant said yes. When the shuttle doors opened after a few minutes, I saw Owen happily playing!

Big Boy Bed

Recently Owen started asking about sleeping in a big boy bed. We've always followed his cues in the past with great results so we decided it was time. We thought the whole project would be finished in a weekend - HA! It took a lot longer to update Owen's room than we planned but we're so happy with the results! Owen loves his new room and his new big boy bed! He's doing great with the transition!

Re-painting the paw prints

Day one of bed assembly: Unwrapping the VERY heavy big boy bed box with its 27 page instruction manual and HUGE bag of parts!

Day two of bed assembly:

Sleep tight big boy

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