Friday, March 6, 2009

What is it about Wednesdays?

We've spent the last two Wednesdays at the pediatrician's office! Fortunetely this time I navigated the parking garage without further scratching up my car.

So this week, Owen was limping and complaining that his foot hurt. I couldn't find anything wrong with his foot and there wasn't an incident when he hurt himself and was complaining from that point forward so I was very confused. I decided to call the advice nurse and she had me bring him right in.

Owen's doc couldn't find anything wrong with his foot or leg but said that sometimes toddlers get fractures in their Tibias. He offered me two options: 1. go get in x-rayed now 2. wait and see if it gets worse and then go get it x-rayed. I decided since we were already there to just do it.

Owen was so cute and so brave. I explained to him that we were going to a special place where they would use a special camera to take a picture of his leg and foot. He laid super still on the table as told and his only sound was to say, "cheese" when the technician took the picture!

I'm happy to report that he does not have a fracture and is doing fine! We're chalking the whole thing up to growing pains!

As we were leaving we told the doctor we hope we don't see you next Wednesday!

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