Sunday, March 1, 2009


Another beautiful Saturday to go running! This morning I over slept, didn't read the full directions, and ran out the door. We were supposed to bring a watch!

We ran 2.5 miles, our regular pace for 5 minutes, sprint for 5 minutes, regular for 5 minutes and so on. This was a bit tricky without a watch but I managed. Afterwards we did some push-ups - my goodness how the mighty have fallen! Yes I've slacked off on doing my push-ups too and I really felt it today!!

It's time to register! Race day is almost upon us and so we are sending in our registration forms. Owen will be running in the 5 yrs & under 1/4 mile race first and then he'll ride in the stroller with Daddy pushing and Uncle Michael leading the way in the 5k! Obviously I'll be running with Moms in Motion! We can't wait!

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