Saturday, February 14, 2009


Thankfully the rain stopped before our team workout this morning. The wind however did not! We were supposed to have our team photo taken but the wind was too powerful.

Wendy divided us up into three groups and we did some speed drills before our run. Today we ran two miles. It felt good to get a workout in.

Between team workouts I train independently on Mondays and Fridays, walk with Aly on Wednesdays, and consider my StrollerFit classes cross training. Of course I'm very grateful for all the rain we have been getting this week but it hasn't helped me feel very motivated to run on my own. On Monday, Owen and I ran a mile, then did some speed drills. On Wednesday, we went to Aly's house and played with Hailey. Aly made us all blueberry smiley face pancakes!

We're starting to brain storm ideas for supporting our Team Philanthropy. My friend and team mate, Natasha (Tasha) Price, is an independent consultant for Taste of Home Entertaining. She has pledged all her personal profit from Taste of Home purchases made now through race day to be donated to NADA, Northern Area Dietetic Association. If you're interested you may view the online catalog and Tasha's website by clicking on the picture below.

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