Saturday, February 7, 2009

MIM: WEEK 2/ 5k Fun Run

Today was our 2nd team workout for MIM. Unfortunately I did not make it to practice. I did do some running this morning though!

Our local running store, The Running Zone, together with the River City Rebels Running Club host a 5k Fun Run Series consisting of 4 runs throughout the year. Today was the first one. Soooooo Aaron, Owen, and I participated in our first 5k of 2009!

We registered Owen because he always wants to run with us and he looks too cute with a racing number pinned to his shirt!

Today his time spent out of the stroller was short lived. He was very excited to run until the start shot. The loud noise startled him and he had trouble deciding what he wanted to do after that. We tried to see if he would recover but ended up putting him back in the stroller. We thought that maybe he would want to run more later on. However, as we approached the finish line, he looked way too comfy bundled up in his blanket while munching on a bagel to disturb! Maybe next time!

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  1. Oh my gosh! He is so darn cute! You should frame his numbers. :)