Friday, February 20, 2009

Confessions of A Chocoholic

I love sweets, especially chocolate, and could easily subsist on them alone. I’ve read that the consumption of sweet treats spurs the appetite to grave more sweet treats. I believe this is true.

I’m also an emotional eater. I remember as a new mother being bombarded in books and magazines with the expression “self soothe.” Babies have to learn to self soothe was the message. Well, I “self soothe” with sweets. When the going gets tough, the tough get chocolate!

For these reasons when I choose to lay off sweets I prefer to go cold turkey – no chocolate, no sweets. Even the smallest taste releases the beast within me.

Now for my confession…

By the time anyone reads this the evidence will be long gone!

I thought I had made it through Valentine’s Day, the national holiday for chocolate consumption, when a package showed up in our mail box. I opened it to find a heart shaped box filled with See’s Candy. Hooray! My heart and taste buds soared – earlier that same day I had searched the pantry, refrigerator, freezer for something, anything sweet!

The part I feel the worst about is that I was alone when I opened the package and I quickly hid the box of candy away. Aaron would have gladly let me have the whole box to myself, not that he doesn't like sweet treats - he does, and yet I felt the need to hide it. Mine, mine, mine, mine…

Now, I’m not one of those dainty eaters. Women who eat just one piece every day or every other day, savoring it until the last piece is gone, oh no, that’s not me at all. Once I release the beast I must eat. Eat it all until it is gone. I wait until no one is around and devour the entire box or at least keep eating until I’m on the verge of feeling sick and then stop for awhile.

It took two days. Soooo Good!

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