Sunday, January 4, 2009

Got Muscle?

I surprised Aaron and myself this afternoon when I was able to lift, support, and lower my side of our mattress. We have a very large, very heavy, super comfy mattress that needs rotating every 6 months or when we remember - which ever comes first!
Normally rotating the mattress can be quite a struggle for me but not today!
January marks the 1 year anniversary of when Owen and I joined StrollerFit. Since joining in 2008 I've dropped two clothing sizes, ran my first, second, and third official 5k, and can do my age + some in push-ups! Owen enjoys running, doing bicep curls, upward rows, jumping jacks, and his own version of push-ups and wall squats!
Do we have muscle? Yes we do!
We can't wait to see what our next year of StrollerFit has in store for us!

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